Considering and creating a partnership for recruitment services with another business is not something that we could do lightly. We pride ourselves with the careful consideration and analysis of our Clients’ needs. In order to serve our partners to the best of our abilities, we will as a rule, always honestly consider our current capacity as well. It is a great responsibility to be able to deliver on the agreements made formally or verbally in a timely manner, and we understand this well. The reputation we have built with our Multinational customers is our most precious asset that can only be retained and improved by providing our current and future customers with the exact services they need.


Why should you choose us?


International Recruitment

Considering and creating a partnership for international recruitment services with another business is not something that we could do lightly. 


Service Quality

The quality of services we offer is one of our primary advantages as a recruitment agency. We will only accept to serve your business needs if we believe we can do so with dedication and top quality.


Our Experience

Our team is greatly experience in different types of recruitment, as well as other business fields, e.g HR, Business & Strategic Analysis, International employee placement & work with large Multinational Companies.



We posses quite adequate resources at our disposal. Our team is trained and experienced in using a variety of recruitment tools & methods in order to deliver our quality of service promise!



DK Global Recruitment uses all the relevant IT & Technology tools that are currently relevant and helpful for our recruitment and other services. The systems & software provide us with the ability to very quickly get the information and context we need in order to provide any recruitment service.


Most Competitive Fee

At DK Global, we are always flexible about, and welcome negotiations of our fees for the services we provide. We strive to be competitive and create win-win partnerships ONLY!


Other special features -

Availability Available for our clients from 8am – 11pm, 7 days per week
Our Team Recruiters & Management, experienced in international business
Contract Terms Extremely flexible terms and conditions, most favorable to clients
Response Time Typically, we respond back within 15 minutes via email or phone call, if necessary 
Projections We help our clients by giving our projections for their projects based on our knowledge of International market